December 12, 2012

Hear New Sound: Wavves' "Sail to the Sun"

The body of 2012 isn't even cold, the winter hasn't even officially begun, and yet here AwkwardSound already is talking about albums heading our way in the spring of next year. In this case, it actually makes a ton of sense to be prepping ourselves for a sunnier state of mind, as the new LP in question is the third effort from bratty Cali noise poppers Wavves. The last we heard from Nathan Williams and Stephen Pope (it appears from the latest promo pic above that they're still looking for a full-time drummer replacement to fill in the position last held by ex-Mae Shi man Jacob Cooper) was 2010's scorching sophomore success, King of the Beach, which saw the San Diego punks shake off much of the scuzzy fuzz from their debut to make way for straight forward hooks. This time around, Wavves are pairing up with producer John Hill, a man known more for his work with feisty female pop artists such as Rihanna, Santigold and Shakia more so than snot-nosed indie rockers. Judging by the sound of the first fruits of their labors in the as-yet-to-be-titled album's first listen "Sail to the Sun," Hill is cleaning up the area's Wavves missed on their last go. Take away the twinkly interlude, and the track is still very much your usual Nathan Williams fodder of having fun in the sun while making as many references to getting stoned as possible. "Sail..." the latest Wavves below..

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