December 13, 2012

LIVESound: METZ' BreakThru Radio Session

AwkwardSound's favorite live session series it happened to stumble up this year is BreakThru Radio, recorded at NYC label / studio Serious Business Records and hosted by Travis Harrison. Harrison, like AS, not only has an affinity toward many of the loud and noisy bands that tend to get coverage around these parts (such as YVETTE,) but the man also has a way of pulling a personality out of musicians we've grown immune to seeing on stage and not saying much of anything. The latest installment features BUZZSound alumni and makers of one of AS' 25 Best Albums of the Year, METZ. Since their acclaimed self-titled debut totaled the competition with explosive post-hardcore riffage upon arrival, the Toronto trio has been touring endlessly and leaving most showgoers incredibly satisfied with their tinnitus-inducing live presence. If you're like AS, you haven't been fortunate enough yet to get close to the chaos, which makes this pro-shot session the next best thing to getting your eardrums decimated. It's also a great candid interview with Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies and Chris Slorach, who -- up close and personal -- smile (quite handsomely) more than I would have expected, on top of being nicely threaded and styled in the fashion department. You can tell Travis is man-crushing on them hard by the end, and who can blame him? Hear METZ play "Headache," talk about their love of The Best Show, cassettes and more below...

METZ' BreakThru Radio Session

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