December 19, 2012

Song Review: Charli XCX's "You (Ha Ha Ha)"

After a breakthrough year that saw her releasing one of the best singles and one of the best remixed tracks of 2012, AwkwardSound is hanging on every move made by UK pop sensation Charli XCX until she stops with the teaser mixtapes and EPs, and finally delivers her highly anticipated debut full-length. While the social media damsel has been mum about its exact details (SPIN reports it's still being written in NYC with help from Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt and Clams Casino's Michael Volpe,) a few answers might be imminent, as the BBC has debuted the dancer in the dark's funny-titled new single "You (Ha Ha Ha)." As it turns out, the track isn't a freshly cut-from-the-studio listen as so much it is a reconstituted take on fellow UK musician and producer Gold Panda's closing track off his 2010 debut, Lucky Shiner. Regardless, Ms. XCX adds welcomed bombast to its fluttery twitch by turning it into a walkaway dance anthem chalk full of bittersweet lines that just sound charming when snapped by the Brit's sharp tongue ("Because we used to be the cool kids / You were old school / I was on the new sh--...") It's further proof that the bewitching singing fashionista can make great on with whatever she's given to work with, but damn -- If she can make a two-year-old song sparkle like the tape just finished rolling, you might as well go ahead and raise the bar a few notches on her entirely new creations to come.

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