December 10, 2012

Song Review: Yo La Tengo's "Before We Run"

With Sonic Youth indefinitely out of commission, the indie rock world is down one hugely seminal band with a massive catalog of assorted sides of noise to fixate on. Reverb rock vets Yo La Tengo seem like the most worthy to take over their crown, as they, too, have produced a dozen albums of varying facets over the course of nearly three decades, each reinventing the Hoboken trio in an unwearied light. Their 13th LP, coincidentally titled Fade, arrives on January 15th via Matador, and its first listen "Before We Run" provides no shortage of slow burning familiarity fit for year-end reflection and preparing to clear the slate for a new one. Georgia Hubley's vocals maintain their invitationally warm and calm nature throughout the track, even amidst the horn and string-swelling underbelly rising from behind. Longtime listeners will easily be able to connect the dots here with their late '90s album classics such as I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One and And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out, but that almost sounds too easy. There's something safely daring entwined within "Before We Run" that makes you feel like it wants you to become comfortable with your surroundings, so that when it unfurls, its extraordinarily beautiful in typical Yo La Tengo form.

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