December 20, 2012

Sound Bites: Grouper, Hundred Waters and Yo La Tengo

Grouper's "Vital"

Electro-acoustic noise artist and Animal Collective fav Liz Harris a.k.a. Grouper will see the release of an album's worth of unreleased material recorded almost five years ago when The Man Who Died In His Boat finally sees the light of day on February 4th via Kranky. "Vital" is the haunting first listen from the Portland-based tape recording aficianado, a song fit for the winter solstice's cold arrival as it billows inside snowy hills of hiss that distance Harris' echoes away from our ears.

Hundred Waters' "Visitor"

Floridian freak folks Hundred Waters are one of the many young bands to watch from the class of 2012 new artist category, and not just because they made the peculiar move by aligning themselves with dub warrior Skrillex's OWSLA label, but because they take the simplest elements from the folk world and protract them with sparkling ambient-electronic experimentation. On a new single recorded at Harlem's Stadium Red being released as a joint effort between Small Plates Records and OWSLA, however, Hundred Waters strip away those unnatural element in favor of traditional instrumentation, as they reinterpret the tracks "Visitor" and "Caverns" off their self-titled debut on both sides of the 7". The single is expected to arrive in February of the new year.

Yo La Tengo's "Ohm"

When AwkwardSound recently reviewed "Before We Run," the first preview off Yo La Tengo's forthcoming album Fade, AS said of the track that it "makes you feel like it wants you to become comfortable with your surroundings, so that when it unfurls, its extraordinarily beautiful..." The indie rock heroes of Hoboken are doing just that it turns out throughout the entirety of the LP as evidenced by its gorgeous latest listen, "Ohm." As hinted in an interview with Ira Kaplan, there are hints of Yo La Tengo's acclaimed late '90s catalog in the cut as it casts gorgeous swells of fuzz around the sound board throughout the 7-minute-long adventure. Fade formally arrives January 15th on Matador Records.

Yo La Tengo - "Ohm"

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