January 8, 2013

Hear New Sound: Bleached's "Next Stop"

Sisterly surf-punk duo Bleached have been on AwkwardSound's BUZZSound radar for a solid year at this point without having yet released a debut album (although they've put out super catchy singles and toured the world twice over in the meantime,) but AS can officially report that 2013 will sees the scuzzy pop sounds from the former Mika Miko members come to a head in long-form when Ride Your Heart arrives on April 2nd via Dead Oceans. The first helping of new material off the Smell scene staples' upcoming effort is its lead single "Next Stop," a track that sees Jennifer and Jessica Clavins' sprucing up the production of their gold coast harmonies without steering the duo away from fun, fizzled riffs -- And in turn putting dangerous thoughts of heading some place warmer into the heads of anyone who happens to be surrounded by that totally gross cold stuff known as snow at the moment. Here's your chance -- "Next Stop," Bleached...

Bleached - "Next Stop"

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