January 9, 2013

Hear New Sound: Carmen Villain's "Lifeissin"

With the dawn of a new year always brings surprising discoveries, and Carmen Villain has no ordinary story to share with those who find her. A former fashion model who has glossed the covers of Vogue and Glamour, the former Carmen Hillestad has given up her high-life career in front of the lens in pursuit of art from behind the microphone, cloaked in darker hues and lo-fidelity production she sees as being influenced by an obsession of acquired taste sounds such as Bikini Kill, Broadcast and Sonic Youth. It turns out the London-by-way-of-the-States beauty is well connected within the independent music scene of her Norwegian ancestry as well, as Emil Nikolaisen of shoegazing noisemakers Serena-Maneesh alongside electronic producer Prins Thomas helped Villain helm her debut Sleeper, due out March 12th on the Oslo imprint Smalltown Supersound. "Lifeissin" is the first unraveling of Carmen Villain that showcases her vocals as seductive and entrancing, yet similarly icy and petrifying over a sprawling soundscape of black magic. It's easy to get transfixed in this gorgeous spell...

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