January 21, 2013

Hear New Sound: The History of Apple Pie's Out of View

The sugar sweet taste that’s been luring listeners into BUZZSound the History of Apple Pie’s '90s-flavored noise pop kitchen for the past two years will finally be served up fresh from the oven when their debut album Out of View arrives January 28th via Marshall Teller. The effort was no doubt an all-hands-on-deck labor of love, as it was not only self-produced by the London-bred quintet's guitarist Jerome Watson, but boasts the help of fellow UK nu-gazer Joshua Hayward of the Horrors who did double duty as engineer and guesting on the LP's closer "Before You Reach the End." We've already heard a few choice slices in the fantastically cool and big sounding fuzzed-out new single "See You" alongside the crystallized pop reverb of "Glitch," and now you can hear the entirety of the Out of View below, courtesy of Clash.

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