January 17, 2013

Hear New Sound: Marnie Stern's "East Side Glory"

Art rockin' beaut Marnie Stern eagerly announced the March 19th due date of her awesomely-titled new album The Chronicles of Marnia all the way back in early December. Her fourth LP thus far, being put out courtesy of Kill Rock Stars, we've already gotten a great taste of what the NYC avant-noisemaking virtuoso has coming our way with its focused upgrade first listen "Year of the Glad," and now we have another in the teeter-tottering track "East Side Glory." It's again considerably less manic than what we've come to know from Stern's style, and while Kid Millions (who replaces her normal drum kit constant, Zach Hill, now of Death Grips fame) bashes up a mess of timbre, Stern sways to a slower momentum by weening herself away from six-string spazz outs, substituted with a warm organ in her hands. Take the detour down below to Marnie's "East Side Glory"...

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