January 10, 2013

Hear New Sound: Merchandise's "Anxiety's Door"

Tampa hardcore punks-turned-fashionable noise pop makers Merchandise had a huge 2012 here on AwkardSound, with the Best New Artist honorees’ breakthrough album Children of Desire cracking the top 10 on AS’ 25 Best Albums list. Given their restless work ethic of touring and recording, it’s not much a surprise per se that Merchandise already have a new full-length waiting in the wings, but with so many unexpected announcements from the likes of everyone from the Men to Bowie during this first whole week of January, 2013 has quickly reshaped the way AS expected it to look. The more the merrier, as the Children of Desire follow-up 12" EP called Totale Nite is currently penciled in to come out this spring through the label Night People. “Anxiety’s Door” is its initial listen, a 7-minute-long track that doesn’t necessarily rework the gauzy post-punk DNA strain the band invented, yet does so with a slightly more lively conviction. Knock at it below...

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  1. this channels the eighties though a jam-band prsim beautifully