January 30, 2013

LIVESound: Iceage Play WNYC's Soundcheck

Danish post-punks Iceage are a few weeks shy away from the release of the most anticipated album of 2013 here on AwkwardSound when You're Nothing arrives February 19th on Matador / Escho. Thus far, we've already heard two very loud, highly combustible and altogether amazing listens in lead single "Coalition" and the latest track "Ecstasy," and now you can hear live versions of three more, as the quartet burned through "In Haze," "Everything Drifts" and "Morals" for WNYC's Soundcheck studio session during their showcase stint in the Big Apple this past weekend. Below is the 15-minute-long archive of Iceage's set, which also features a rare opportunity to hear host John Shaefer give it his best effort to interrogate the anti-press darlings.

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