January 9, 2013

LIVESound: Speedy Ortiz Debut "No Below" for Out of Town Films

If this punk scene has its way, the Western Mass brat pack is going to be making waves in 2013 with debut albums forthcoming from BUZZSounds California X, Potty Mouth and Speedy Ortiz. Over the semester break, the latter has been touring up and down the east coast, with one round of shows even seeing them open for fellow adopted Northamptonite and noise rock legend Thurston Moore. On the infamous date in Philly where the Sonic Youth frontman saw his signature Jazzmaster stolen at Space 1206, Speedy Ortiz sat in with local live performance archive collective Out of Town Films to present the world a slightly stripped version of the brand new track "No Below," expected to appear on their as-yet-to-be-announced LP. There's a bit more hook and jab coming through on this listen from frontwoman Sadie Dupuis, as opposed to last year's Helium-wavering honorable mention Sports EP. Add yet another big one to anticipate in the new year...

"No Below" (live at Space 1206)

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