January 12, 2013

Song Review: The History of Apple Pie's "See You"

2011 met the resurgence of '90s alt-indie reverb rock with great releases from Yuck and the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and thankfully two years later, the sound doesn't look to be removing itself from the next generation's pedal boards anytime soon. London BUZZSound the History of Apple Pie began to bake up some warm, fuzz-pop goodness on their early singles "You're So Good" and "Mallory," and with the timer set to January 28th for the release of their debut album Out of View (out on Marshall Teller,) the nu-gazing quintet is sweetening their recipe with the LP's latest single "See You." On this cut, they're able to make their own mark in the scene by swelling up small distortion rumblings with beefed up production while covering Stephanie Min's washed out vocals with a clear candy coating accentuates the hook's pop flavor. They've managed to put "See You" on par with the 120 Minutes era's staple hits, and considering the History of Apple Pie have always worn their grungy twee influences quite proudly, rising to the same level of perfection as your predecessors is a delicious payoff.

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