January 7, 2013

Song Review: Iceage's "Coalition"

When Iceage helped re-break punk again on their intense 2011 debut New Brigade, what caught AwkwardSound's ear with their sound was how truly organic and visceral the Danish quartet maintained in their plight to revive a true and loyal DIY aesthetic. Iceage is hardcore-laced post-punk unshackled, with the production being as murky and dismal as their Copenhagen surroundings and every imperfect rattle and clank in their noisemaking getting equally due attention as those intended to be there. Going into their highly anticipated sophomore effort You're Nothing, Iceage's visibility within the music world is much larger than it was two years ago, as they've spearheaded a new creative scene in their native Denmark and most notably, signed on with indie powerhouse Matador Records to release their latest LP on February 15th. Matador's press release boasts that "You're Nothing pushes Iceage's singular sound to further extremes," and we get our first taste of just how far on its first listen "Coalition." It's an absolute buzzsawing track from its very start, with wavy reverb cranked up to dangerous decibel-curling levels as frontman Elias R√łnnenfelt's vocals climb the ceilings and scratch against its manic angular movements. And yet, for all its high-speed bloody mosh, "Coalition" spins the slightest of whirring anthemry behind the brash curtains, breaking through that glass ceiling for art school kids akin to Fucked Up and Ceremony where doing the most un-punk thing with your music actually turns out sounding pretty fucking punk.

Iceage - "Coalition"

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