February 2, 2013

Bad Antics

Depending on which version you're looking at, two different Black Flag reunions in the coming year have either left fans of the trailblazing SoCal hardcore punk band elated or with a bad taste. Regardless of whether you're a Keith Morris guy or a Greg Ginn apologist, the news at least gives the music world a reason to get nostalgic about the scenes' '80s glory days once again. Kudos primarily go out to Morris for keeping its spirit alive and well for the better with his latest project OFF!, and alongside Chuck Duckowski for at least ensuring the Flag's legacy remains untarnished in 2013. Southern California's old school sound isn't just a thing of the past or its veteran figures, however, as up-and-coming punks Bad Antics are present and future proof of just that. The surnameless quartet of John, Tony, Redd and Zack sprung from the Orange County suburban spoils and skate parks of Fullterton in 2005 as high school brats, releasing a string of DIY and tiny label LPs over the years. Its their latest effort, Where Did I Go Wrong?, that should be getting these uptempo thrashers' message out beyond the 714 area code's basements, however, with a deserved cassette release through the good and increasingly popular people at Burger Records alongside a fresh press on vinyl via Whine-O Records. Bad Antics live presence also boades well for converting new followers as they stay true to hardcore punk's tenants of inviting a wild mess of flailing bodies and pissed off fun. Uncle Keith evidently got that memo and has faith in these kids, as he's invited Bad Antics to join OFF! this month on a west coast tour playing spaces three times as large as they're used to wrecking.

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