February 26, 2013

Hear New Sound: Alkaline Trio's "The Torture Doctor"

Honestly, I really could give a shit that Alkaline Trio's pop-punk formula hasn't changed much at all since their Vagrant days or that the critical mass today has vacated them as a Warped Tour punchline. For me, the morbid lyrics, the four-chord riffs, "oooh oooh!" choruses and hooks never tire, which is probably why the the Hot Topic culture vets keeps manufacturing them for not-so-secret loyalists such as AwkwardSound to eat up on every release (in my defense, Alkaline Trio held their own with the best of them during the burgeoning of indie emo-punk's golden era alongside peers June of '44, Cap'n Jazz and Jawbreaker, so buzz off...) At the start of the month, Alkaline Trio debuted the new song "I Want to Be Your Warhol," and we now know that song will appear on their 9th studio effort My Shame Is True, due out April 2nd as a joint venture between their label Heart & Skull and Epitaph. It's also the first time Alk3 worked in the studio with legendary punk lifer producer Bill Stevenson of the Descendents and Black Flag, and dude is definitely bringing out all of the coarse melodic sides and black hues in their romantic death knells, such as the latest listen "The Torture Doctor," heard below...

Alkaline Trio - "The Torture Doctor"

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