February 6, 2013

Hear New Sound: Desaparecidos' "Anonymous" b / w "The Left Is Right"

One of the few benefits of having a government that's f'd up at all angles is that it tends to bring out the best in certain musicians, so it's been quite rewarding to see Conor Oberst's political post-hardcore act Desaparecidos continue to rally on against the machine since reuniting last summer and picking up where they left off in shouting out in defense of progress by releasing the single "MariKKKopa" b / w "Backsell." Before they head out on their east coast tour alongside BUZZSound alum emotive punks Joyce Manor, they've decided to release two more brand new poli-firecrackers that pay homage to both a certain group of extreme liberal Hacktivists and the Occupy movement with the double A-side "Anonymous" b / w "The Left Is Right." Both rock hard to the familiarity of the band's early Aughties' mid-western emo crank as Oberst's manic quiver and yell debates small victories for freedom and the other side of the dime. Even with that last Bright Eyes album, it sounded debatable itself whether the sad-eyed Dylan still had any spark left in his gut, but "Anonymous" and "The Left Is Right" show that with purpose, Oberst fires on point. Wake up, America, below...

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