February 26, 2013

Hear New Sound: Kylesa's "Unspoken"

Alongside Baroness and Mastodon, Savannah's Kylesa are part of a peach state metal-bending clique who started off on the psychedelic side of the sound and have continuously raised eyebrows amongst the scene's purists for not following the genre's "rules," assembling its parts with taboo styles and ultimately rebranding themselves under a new label with each new release. 2010's Spiral Shadow was named one of the 25 Best here on AS, mostly because of just that -- the quintet's audacity to transcend metal riffs with untried bed partner territory such as '90s grunge and sludgy indie rock -- and with the announcement that their sixth album, Ultraioviolet arrives on May 28th via Seasons of Mist, listeners should once again mentally prep themselves for another metal makeover. "Unspoken" is its first listen, and if Spiral Shadow sounded too soft for you, then Kylesa have mindfully gut-checked your stereo and pulled it down into the trenches of doom rock's fiery hell as vocalist Laura Pleasants hails over the ritualized choruses of lost souls in a dark priestess fashion. What's best left heard than "Unspoken" is below...

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