February 20, 2013

Hear New Sound: The Men's "I Saw Her Face"

Momentum seems to be working in the Men’s favor ever since their breakthrough success with 2011’s slash-and-burn noise course Leave Home and the sanguine rollers in last year’s Open Your Heart, so it’s really come as no surprise here at AS that the Brooklyn art punks continue to crack out subtle evolutions with equally astounding results as they near the release of their next effort New Moon, due out March 5th on Sacred Bones. Our first and Recommended Listen “Electric” heard the now-a-quintet curb their way through loose pop-punk fuzz, but New Moon’s latest preview “I Saw Her Face” escapes its youthful meditations and returns to the fold of Open Your Heart's classic rock growl without abandoning tightly-wound melodies. Give a look at her below...

The Men - "I Saw Her Face"

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