February 27, 2013


It's barely March, but AwkwardSound has to say it because if it doesn't, it's going to self combust: Something doesn't feel right about 2013. What the critical mass is thumbs-upping and anticipating, AS is having trouble hopping on board with or getting wet for. Is it age? Is AS losing touch with today's "trends" and its "audience"? Are years of a steady diet of mostly noisy punk and hardcore actually catching up with it, clogging the arteries of these posts and setting this site up for a premature death? Maybe, but when it comes to music, it's better to let your heart burst while listening to what you love, and in Baltimore quartet Roomrunner, AwkwardSound has found hope for this year's long-term health plan. The brainchild of former Double Dagger basher Denny Bowen (who's also been counted in many other projects over the years such as the Dan Deacon Ensemble and Yukon) alongside guitarist Jeff Byers, bassist (and producer) Dan Frome and Bret Lanahan behind the kit make hearing a rising rock band exciting because you can sense their sound will transcend stereos and knock you out cold when they're literally destroying it on stage (apparently, this is a thing of their live show.) Their new listen "Weird" off their upcoming debut full-length Ideal Cities (due out May 14th on Fan Death Records) crushes a hard-swinging rhythm section in the style of former tour mates METZ with carelessly flung choruses that AS guesses you could call file under "grunge pop," but given the fact that even their equally unwired contemporaries in SLEEPIES have a tough time discerning the chords, these dudes are putting their best effort into doing it all-original and not just fucking with your older brother's Foo Fighters catalog. It's an unpredictably strange take on the noise of yesterday that in turn makes it possible for these four to play with everyone from fellow audio-twisting BUZZSounds Speedy Ortiz and EULA or the gob smacking of Pissed Jeans and Ed Schrader's Music Beat. Roomrunner will be all over the place in the coming months as Ideal Cities' release nears, heading down to Doritoland for this year's SXSW before returning up north to open for said-Pissed Jeans and support Marnie Stern on her April tour.

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