February 28, 2013

Sound Bites: Milk Music, Small Black and Young Adults

Milk Music's "Cruising With God"

Too bad alternative FM radio and MTV's 120 Minutes are irrelevant in 2013, because if this were 1994, underbelly bands like Milk Music would be on regular rotation with ease. The Olympia, WA sludge pumpers are gearing up for the April 2nd release of their Fat Possum debut Cruise Your Illusion, and its latest preview "Cruising With God" provides a dirty picture of what you get when you ride along with this foursome in gnarly reverb bending around frontman Alex Coxon's painful wailing into the mic. Milk Music also has a long list of impressively-booked tour dates spanning across the next three months, including shows with Merchandise, Iceage and Gun Outfit, as well as appearances at this year's SXSW and Chaos In Tejas.

Small Black's "Free At Dawn"

It wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that chillwave is dead, but even so, the artists who were unfortunately categorized under one of the lamest genre umbrellas of the past decade have mostly survived trendy labelization by escaping its oozing electronic placenta and splintering off into separate paths. Brooklyn's Small Black could be the last of the big players to begin living a much different sounding identity, as evidenced by "Free At Dawn," the first listen off their sophomore effort Limits of Desire, due out May 14th on Jagjaguwar. In it, the Brooklyn quartet clarify the production and perfect the pop elements which were already there to begin with, revealing some deep space obtuseness you might not ever guessed was hiding within the globs of New Chains' low fidelity stickiness.

Young Adults' "Born In '91" and "Context"

Here at AwkwardSound, it likes to refer to its HQ local scene collectively as the Western Mass brat pack -- the 413's new wave of '90s-inspired alt-rock guitar slashers in the form of California X, Potty Mouth and Speedy Ortiz who are all following in the footsteps that Mascis and Moore firmly planted before them. Young Adults share members on both sides of the state in Northampton and Allston, but that doesn't stop them from qualifying for the recognition thanks to the heaping punk riff pile-ons and shoegazing swarm that carries their flourishing distortion beyond the scene's city limits. They've just released a brand new Justin Pizzoferrato-produced EP entitled Born in '91, and below you can hear its dangerously beautiful wreck-it-all nature in full.

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