March 7, 2013

Hear New Sound: Carmen Villian's "Made a Shell"

Since the beginning of the year, we've been quietly getting to know the dark enigmatic hues worn by rising London-by-way-of-the-U.S.A. songstress Carmen Villain, whose debut album Sleeper is due out March 12th on Oslo-based label Smalltown Supersound. The mysterious beaut enlisted a fascinating team to sculpt the effort with contrast, as both Emil Nikolaisen of druggy shoegazers Serena-Maneesh and electronic shape-shifter Prins Thomas co-produced while Bob Weston of Shellac perfected its mix. The LP's initial promise, "Lifeissin" portrayed the former Vogue and Nylon cover model's breathy whispers as both tempestuous and haunted, but its newest listen "Made a Shell" asserts Villain's delightfully dangerous urge to test the waters of impolitely hardened influences à la EVOL-era Sonic Youth and Swans. The revelations here are further layers of entrancing occult within Villain's beautiful macabre. Don't let the song title fool you...

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