March 14, 2013

Hear New Sound: Joanna Newsom's “The North Star Grassman And the Ravens” (Sandy Denny Cover)

Sorry dudes, but Joanna Newsom is officially off the market, and perhaps all that future wedding planning might have something to do with the fact that the impish harpist has maintained a low profile on the music side of things since 2010's listmaking triple LP Have One On Me. Fortunately, whenever her name and face is making for peculiar gossip mag fodder, Newsom's usually dressed to impress, and her love of vintage fashion appeal has materialized with both something old and new for listeners in the form of a pseudo-music video promoting the Los Angeles fashion line Wren. The music isn't an original (it's a bare bones cover of 1971 cult classic "The North Star Grassman and the Ravens" by British folk songwriter Sandy Denny) but the accompanying visuals are absolutely stunning, styled and form-fitting to Newsom's woodland fairy aesthetic. I'm not too keen on the identity of her co-star, but I think that might be Newsom's future husband...

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