March 11, 2013

Hear New Sound: The Knife's "A Tooth for An Eye"

AwkwardSound isn't going to speak too in depth about the delicately-placed details within the lyrical themes surrounding the Knife's latest single "A Tooth for an Eye," off Karin Dreijir Andersson and Olof Dreijir's hotly anticipated new effort Shaking the Habitual, due out April 9th on Rabid / Mute Records. Hopefully by now, you've caught a glimpse of the equally visually provocative duo's new clip for the track and its concept meant to question gender roles, especially those surrounding masculinity in modern times. Yet, is there really anything at all foundationally trailblazing that "deconstructs images of maleness, power and leadership" through a group of normal-looking dudes in gym clothes doing a choreographed dance, even if a tough-looking young lady is leading the routine? AS would like to think most men -- testosterone-induced or not -- would be comfortable in their skin during this scenario in 2013. With all due respect to the Knife's creative knack, but Grimes and M.I.A. made us dig a little deeper into our heads to re-think gender notions just a year ago. So that leaves just the music to contemplate. Following the tripped-up light pulse banger that was "Full of Fire," "A Tooth for an Eye" is stylized more like a challenging percussive interlude with bite rather than the invitational dance around the fire pit first preview. Give it an ear below...

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