March 12, 2013

Song Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan's "Prancer"

Like fellow metalcore giants Converge, the Dillinger Escape Plan have gone through their fair share of guitarists and drummers during their 16-year-plus career, yet it’s never stifled the noisemaking vets ability to evolve and churn out one of the most consistent catalogs in the scene. Two relatively new members have been in tow since 2010's Option Paralysis, but it's founding member and guitarist Ben Weinman who remains the band's creative constant as longstanding members in bassist Liam Wilson and vocalist Greg Puciato keep the outfit’s sonic-shifting sound malleable and extreme. May 14th marks the arrival of the Dillinger Escape Plan’s fifth LP One Of Us Is the Killer out on Sumerian Records, with first single “Prancer” a characteristically unpredictable metallic unwiring of time signatures and mind-boggling long division. The band has always proudly brandished the "mathrock" and "progressive" labels with their type of hardcore, but the calculations have never sounded so definitely their own while equating to huge new heights in heaviness, accessibility and spontaneity. In under four minutes, the Jersey quintet's rhythm section guts the stereo with false starts, a big-sounding breakdown right off the top and Puciato ever so the maniac from start to finish, whether it be in the guitar-sputtering verses, feeding off the engulfed chorus' fire, scattering a trail of intuitiveness along the muted bridge or just repeatedly screaming "Fuck you! Now try to disbelieve it" on his way out. It's an audacious challenge that the Dillinger Escape Plan have set forth as the first step toward LP 5 with "Prancer," and I pity the person who might be so foolish to question them at this stage.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Prancer"

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