March 7, 2013

Song Review: Drake's "5AM In Toronto"

By now, we all know that at the end of the day, Drizzy is a lover and a gentleman. Thank Me Later and Take Care’s washed out, sultry 40-produced glide made sure of getting those points across, but now that his brand of emofied rhyming has been compromised by the legions of Internet rap copy-cats hoping to mimic his footsteps, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Drake is looking for a game change as he builds toward the summer release of his third effort Nothing Was the Same. Our first preview came with “Started from the Bottom,” a tripped up scribble that didn’t fall too far from his pal Kendrick Lamar’s sonic structure, but on the new listen “5AM In Toronto,” October's Very Own is returning to the fold by gnashing his teeth at the competition, critics and fuckin' problems in what could be his most aggressively confrontational State of the OVO Union address to date. Working to his benefit on this go is giving production duties to Bo1-1da and Vinylz (the former being the man behind putting together similarly triumphant Drizzy anthem blasters “Best I Ever Had” and “Over”) who deliver a deep-clawing beat complimented by a loop of blinking synthetics that sounds just as prettied-up as it does ominously intimidating, allowing Drake to goes to the board hard about the high life and bragging rights without even having to cut a hook to grab your attention. It’s a departure from the soft-edged sexy ex-boyfriend with some confidence hang-ups that have gotten Drizzy the win in the past, but this tough guy heard on "5AM In Toronto" is one who’s since earned the right to a cocky post-victory lap swagger, and one AS is looking get to know better in time, too.

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