March 18, 2013

Song Review: Vampire Weekend's "Diane Young" / "Step"

AwkwardSound admittedly was afraid that Vampire Weekend were running low on new narrows to sail listeners down upon hearing the debut of “The Unbelievers” several months ago, but the double A-side single off their third LP Modern Vampires of the City, due out May 6th on XL Recordings, tosses away any hang-ups that the preppy indie A-punks ability to change their navigation as well as make their past travels even more interesting the third time around has met its end. Of the two, "Diane Young" is the most eccentrically different from a stylistic bend -- A scribble of Afro-beat indie pop pogo-ing around the edges of early rock 'n roll as Ezra Koenig's vocals do the twist again while refashioning the ghost of Johnny B. Goode. "Step" in the adverse sense is as traditionalist Vampire Weekend orchestral-pop as their Ivy League pedigree comes, yet it majestically flourishes with a new level of refinement. Koenig's lyrical enunciation of the English language ebb beautifully around a synthetically washed out sparkle of harpsichord and a slow, quiet stomp (one that will no doubt sound courageous live as the band's venue status move up in size.) It's almost too perfect a juxtaposition where one track's skittish energy captures a new sense of purpose in re-discovering sounds of the old much like listeners did upon their debut five years ago, but even when Vampire Weekend take their time on these new journeys, it allows the NYC indie pin-ups the opportunity to reassess a grander version of their timeless crossovers.

Vampire Weekend - "Diane Young"

Vampire Weekend - "Step"

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