March 29, 2013

Sound Bites: Cold Cave, Paint It Black and Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Cold Cave's "God Made the World"

The first of two self-released new singles planned from Cold Cave has been announced in the form of a picture disc featuring Wes Eisold doing his best goth rock star pose on the A-side, lyrics etched into the back and the new single “God Made the World” playing on both sides (digital purchases of the single will feature the B-side "Dandelion.") Less electric and more glittering in the realm of Cold Cave's Love Comes Close dark wave pop than its recent singles, the 7" is available now to pre-order at Eisold’s resurrected Heartworm imprint, with a due date tentatively as soon as they return back on June 1st from their upcoming tour. As for the project's next full-length, Self-Titled Daily points to a message from Eisold on his Tumblr to fans that alludes to no longer being on Matador and doing everything on his own terms for the time being. So, AS takes it that awesome new lineup announced last fall isn't happening either? Now that would truly be depressing...

Cold Cave - "God Made the World"

Paint It Black's "Invisible"

AwkwardSound’s regular watch of Paint It Black’s every move over the past week leading up to the release of their new EP Invisible concluded today with the sixth and final preview, its damaging title track courtesy of the A.V. Club. In case you're playing catch up, you can listen to "Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs," "Headfirst" and "Little Fists" here on AS, head over to for "Props for Ventriloquists" and to GlueHC for "D.F.W." Invisible is due out next Tuesday on No Idea Records.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Under the Earth"

Ahead of the April 16th release of their highly anticipated new effort Mosquito, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have debuted a brand new track from LP 5 over at the New York Times Magazine. “Under the Earth” is a bass-trodden listen where the funk and glam dig deep into some echoey caverns, and really, are more satisfying than that heard in the overtly theatrical performance that is "Sacrilege" (sorry, it still hasn't managed to rub off well with AS thus far!) Hear the song and stay for the feature, in which Lizzy Goodman sits down with the band and speaks about the transition from humble beginnings to their position as one of alt-rock's biggest and most popular enduring acts.

Listen to Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Under the Earth" here

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