March 21, 2013


Right around this time of year, AS' earbuds are just about ready to rip themselves apart from the inside out after being barricaded indoors by Ol' Man Winter, thus lacking an ample intake of Vitamin D to keep their lobes up and finding themselves battered by icy or emo-ish soundscapes reflective of New England's raw and unforgiving elements. East L.A.'s VISION are firing off the first promising heat rays of the seasons to come, however, hot on the heels of their self-titled debut out now on Burger Records. As the punk rock folk tale goes, the quartet of frontman and guitarist Christopher Valer, fellow six-stringer Benjamin Nastase, bassist Rey German and drummer Phillip Dominick walked into the cassette-friendly label's Fullerton storefront, dropped their demo and told owner Sean Bohrman they didn't get enough recognition. The contents? An "intense" onslaught of skydiving rock 'n roll that curbs around the city's unsanitary post-punk grime, the Jesus and Mary Chain's shoegaze shock and the fashionably bad ass sensibilities of the Brian Jonestown Massacre's psychedelic pastiche. When Valer's howl begins kicking ass without bothering to ask for the names on tracks like "You Should Know," it's unadulterated ballsy rock the four sound dangerously confident in owning. To date, the band has opened for the likes of fellow Cali guitar shredder Ty Segall and felt the rippling effects of Burger notoriety by taking part at the label's SXSW party just last week. The melting pot of distortion should reach its boiling point (and rapturously at that) in time for summer when VISION releases their new full-length, Inertia.

"You Should Know"
Directed by: Greg Lazcano

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