April 17, 2013

Creative Adult

AwkwardSound would venture to say that if you like your punk smart, angry and loud, go to Brooklyn, but if you want all of those things plus an added physical bonus, then head to the Bay Area, because the golden state's northern half has proven to be the wrecking ball heading directly into the pit time and time again. With Joyce Manor growing up before our eyes, Deafheaven's metallic thunder transcending into beautifully heavenly and hardcore darlings Ceremony defying genre conventions by embracing their place as one of modern punk's most unpredictable evolutionists, however, San Fran's DIY spaces are readjusting all-out chaos in exchange for control. Creative Adult is the new project headed by scene regular Scott Phillips, formerly of hardcore act Life Long Tragedy and psycho-rockers Purple Mercy, who -- along with band mates Michael Bingham, Michael Fenton and James Roger (who have past lives in Sirs and All Teeth) -- are taking the next step in reinvisioning themselves as a thinking person's post-punk band while keep the stench of putrid urinals and the site of caked-over blood embedded in their sound. There's exacting angst in the growling undertow of Phillips' vocals during the band's early EPs and singles, yet Creative Adult's forthcoming 4-song 7" Bulls In the Yard (out May 14th on Run for Cover Records) finds the quartet shoveling their way six feet under DIY spaces to dig up blackened inspiration from the likes of Bauhaus and Bad Moon Rising-era Sonic Youth, as well as refining their sound to appeal to both basement thrashers and art punks à la former tour mates Ceremony on Rohnert Part and Zoo. As of press, Creative Adult are keeping touring local until the release of Bulls In the Yard, but here's betting on them escaping the Bay Area and making it onto show posters with some awesomely diverse pairings very soon.

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