April 10, 2013

Fat History Month

Boston’s underground music scene has taken a few major hits to its foundation over the past month. Venerable alternative publication the Boston Phoenix halted press for good after struggling to stay afloat financially in the Internet age, as did the air waves being emitted from its radio station WFNX (which had already downgraded itself from a proper FM format to online-only before pulling the plug altogether.) Area cops are trolling around message boards and social media in hopes of cracking down on those dastardly "DIY concerts.” On top of all this, the city that spawned one of the most influential hardcore scenes out there continues hugging its grudge against moshing with a ban it set in place over a year ago. Down on its luck seems to be the going trend within the Hub these days, and local DIY kingpins Fat History Month have just the sound to harden the frown. Spending years building an awkward name for themselves throughout the region's basement show circuit, the duo of guitaring dirt-eater Jeff Meff and drummer Bob Hobby bear the weight of classic indie rock with an easy-to-swallow pop perfectionist gluttony. They just released the album that should reverberate past New England corners with their sophomore effort Bad History Month through Exploding In Sound Records, making them labelmates to fellow BUZZSound alumni such as Speedy Ortiz and Pile. Unlike their noisy Baystate punk brethren, however, Fat History Month's wordy eargasms look at the hysterical side of self-pathetic love and life quandaries through broken frames while reading the liner notes of The Lonesome Crowded West, Spiderland, Brighten the Corners and even some of Dave Matthews Bands' mid-'90s peak bro chillness all wrong. The lyrics are wrought with detail in the way that "you can't make this shit up," and while any fool can pretend to be a fuck up like Isaac Brock, these dudes' rough exteriors shows that they live the part. Currently, Meff and Hobby are surfing couches and sleeping on strange peoples' floors across the U.S. in support of Bad History Month until April end. Hopefully, Boston is still standing by the time they get back. If not, it's one more story about crumb luck heading toward listeners stereos to bash their heads and hearts into.

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