April 2, 2013

Hear New Sound: Fasano's The Barn

Not being a New York City dweller and all, AwkwardSound isn’t entirely familiar with the ins and outs of the local music scene, but from a distance, the rebuilding of venerable Brooklyn establishment the Silent Barn seems like an important event for the area’s independent artists as both a venue and recording space. It’s fitting that the first release created within its walls come from BK experimental scene flag bearers Godmode Records, who today released The Barn, the cassette-friendly solo debut from ARMS bassist and LCD Soundsystem grand finale MSG show backing vocalist Fasano. Last year, the label previewed his songwriting talents with the piano-pop buzzkill “Muzzle You,” but The Barn finds the whip-smart lyrical wordsmith huddling away in a room with just his amped guitar and stories for the most part, stripping away minimalist eccentricities alongside territories as varied as Daniel Rossen, the xx and Xiu Xiu at their most naked. Cozy up in Fasano's shack below...

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