April 24, 2013

Hear New Sound: Hebronix's "Unreal"

Last week, we were greeted with the kind of downer news that Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg of the ‘90s nostalgic UK indie fuzz group Yuck (whom AwkwardSound named its Best New Artist of 2011) had parted ways with the group before they entered the studio to record their sophomore follow-up to their awesome distortion-charged self-titled debut. The remaining Yuck-sters gave the vague reason that that Blumberg wanted to “focus on other things,” and while an educated guess would have banked on him asserting that new found freedom on his piano pop project Oupa, it turns out that isn’t even the case, as Blumberg has manifested himself under a new working moniker Hebronix. He has already completed a debut album Unreal, produced by Neil Hagerty of ‘90s alt-rock gods Royal Trux, which will arrive on July 9th through ATP Recordings. You can hear the title track below, which sounds like a sensible transition Yuck could have made if the band began to smoke through classic and psych rock influences on top of grunge loving. Blumberg 3.0 below...

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