April 24, 2013

Hear New Sound: Jimmy Eat World's "Damage"

In the coming months, a great number of pimply teenagers with raging hormones will be closing the chapter on their boring suburban lives and entering four exciting years of self-discovery and reinvention, while those same universities who house these naive kids will be shoving its seniors into the unemployment line with barrels of debt to show for it. Graduation time is a bittersweet occasion, and for AwkwardSound, Jimmy Eat World always provided an icky sentimental emo-pop soundtrack that half makes you cringe because you know it's pretty cheesy, and half makes you feel nostalgic and sad about your impending coming-of-age (The answer: It never actually arrives when you think it will, nor does life ever go according to plan, so all your stressing is going to waste.) Luckily, the Class of 2013 will have a brand new helping of Jimmy Eat World material to indulge their end time reflections in come diploma day, as their 8th studio album Damage arrives on June 11th via RCA. We already heard its so-so modern radio rock-ready first single "I Will Steal You Back", and now they've officially shared the title track, which just came out over the weekend as a Record Store Day 7". Jimmy Eat World's acoustified pop-rock jangle and harmonies always aim straight for the heart and rarely miss, and this is one such sweet heartbreaker for all those youngins out there debating whether or not they should dump their significant other once finals end (The answer: Yes, if you're even thinking it.) "Damage" your love life at will below...

Jimmy Eat World - "Damage"

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