April 9, 2013

Hear New Sound: Kylesa's "Vulture's Landing"

Currently among my favorite voices out there in the big leagues of music journalism is Stereogum's resident metalhead and Darkthrone historian Michael Nelson. Dude wears several different layers with his tastes in music that allow how him to bend beyond barriers of Satan worshippers, long hairs and head bangers, but when he goes into what he knows, just stand back, let the man speak and shut it down. Today, we got the full Nelson with his take on the modern face of metal in 2013 when he dissected the dichotomy between "pop" and the genre he holds dearest upon covering Ghost B.C.'s sophomore effort Infestissumam (which you can stream at Pitchfork a week in advance of its release) by conjuring up memories of Jethro Tull's '88 Grammy win for Best Metal Album(?) and how they simply borrow from the black market for image's sake (re-reading AS' BUZZSound feature on the faux Swedish occult, I think I did his opinion slight justice in advance by not pigeon-holing them under a singular label.) Punctuating Mr. Nelson's point, fellow questionable metal-ish fabricators Kylesa unveiled "Vulture's Landing," another track off their new LP Ultraviolet, due out on May 28th through Seasons of Mist. The scribe says of the shape-shifting sludgy Savannah thrashers that "they sound more like ’90s shoegazers Curve, Swervedriver, or Medicine than they do, say, Eyehategod," although in this case, AS would suggest your general big box alternative rock strongholds such as Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age might suffice just as well. Hear "Vulture's Landing" below, and revisit early previews "Unspoken" and "Quicksand" to further analyze the situation for yourself...

Kylesa's "Vulture's Landing"

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