April 30, 2013

Hear New Sound: Kylesa's "We're Taking This"

Georgian genre-defying anomalies Kylesa are offering no shred of definable linearity with their latest direction on their forthcoming effort Ultraviolet, set to be released May 28th through Seasons of Mist. At first, the initial previews “Unspoken” and “Quicksand” had you thinking the trio might be turning an intentionally dark and damned corner of doom metal influence, but then “Vulture’s Landing” touched down with a swelling helping of shoegazing alt-radio rock to throw a wrench in that conclusion. Ultraviolet’s latest listen, “We’re Taking This,” offers no peace of mind to labelists whatsoever, as it features Phillip Cope grabbing the reign on vocals this time around with extreme authority and channeling the brute instincts of your favorite hardcore frontman. Kylesa got this one, below...

Kylesa - "We're Taking This"

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