April 30, 2013

Hear New Sound: Red Hare's "Be Half"

With the release of Coliseum's pretty solid new LP Sister Faith being on regular rotation within punk circles this week, seminal '90s D.C. post-hardcre act Swiz have found their back way into the press via reviews for the album considering that guitarist Jason Ferrell makes a guest appearance somewhere in the listen. It turns out he'll be cozying up with his buds in Coliseum a bit more in the coming month for an east coast tour as Ferrell alongside two other Swiz-mates in vocalist Shawn Brown and bassist Dave Eight have reconvened under the new working title Red Hare. Joe Gorlick who drummed with some of the guys in the post-Swiz outfit Bluetip makes the project a quartet, and on May 21st, Dischord and Hellfire Records will join forces to release the band's debut album Nites of Midnite. Friends helping friends out seems to be the going theme on this effort, as it features album art designed by Tool guitarist Adam Jones as well as Dischord luminary J. Robbins, formerly of Jawbox and currently of the Office of Future Plans, handling mixing duties. "Be Half" is the latest preview from Nites of Midnite, and it should shut up and saddle fans of Swiz who've been dearly missing the post-hardcore act's penchant for over-wound riffs and a bone-crushing rhythm stomp just fine. Their new side as Red Hare below...

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