April 24, 2013

Hear New Sound: Speedy Ortiz's "Hexxy"

If there is one thing AwkwardSound has learned about being a DIY blogger, it's that you are forever at the bottom of the totem poll of content. It's a frustrating thing to deal with in what seems like a perpetual curse, but AS got some really good advice from a former big timey independent music writer (whose identity shall remain anonymous,) telling me it might be best to focus on covering the bands in AwkwardSound's immediate local scene of Western Massachusetts rather than telling the world about everything that the Pitchforks, Stereogums and SPINs are doing just the same, if not, quicker. As luck would have it, Western Mass might as well be the new Brooklyn these days, because in the time since AS changed its game plan to cater its efforts around the 413, many of those bands are rising up as 2013's best new artists not just in the Baystate, but in the independent music scene across the nation. Amherst's California X were the first of the BUZZSounds to graduate with their smashing riff rock debut for Don Giovanni Records, and now Northampton punks Speedy Ortiz seem destined for big brand blog adulation with their first and forthcoming full-length Major Arcana, due out on July 9th through new label home Carpark Records (making them labelmates to Cloud Nothings and Dan Deacon, for perspective.) Before Ian Cohen gives that album a great review and late-blooming Tom Breihan over at Stereogum names it his "Album of the Week," the quartet are releasing a 7" single featuring two early cuts re-recorded with Justin Pizzoferrato (Chelsea Light Moving, Dinosaur Jr., California X) for an April 30th release on Inflated Records. You already heard the loud crackle and pop of the Recommended A-Side "Ka-Prow!," and now you can feel the woozy head rush and reverb-crushed heart palpitations of its flip side, "Hexxy" (courtesy of course to Stereogum, who have just begun nabbing exclusives on all things Speedy.) Next up, Potty Mouth, and soon enough, the big city lights will be calling all of their names as the 413 retreats back to becoming a terrible nu-metal scene. As for AS, I quit.

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