April 22, 2013

Hear New Sound: Touché Amore & Title Fight's RSD 7" Split

Another Record Store Day has gone down in the books as being a great day for vinyl enthusiasts to head out to their favorite indie shops and pick up exclusive releases to preserve the art of physical music purchasing and support the industry's bottom line, and among one of those special gets included was an all-too-awesome split pairing between two of AS' favorites from the future of hardcore, Touché Amore and Title Fight. The Los Angeles-based thrashers and melodious Kingston, PA post-hardcore rockers have been friends and tour mates since their early days stomping through DIY basement shows, and in a show of scene solidarity and embracing of each others' roots, the two bands put out a split 7" single on Sea Legs Records featuring each tackling one of the others' tracks. For their part, Touché Amore put the heavy into Shed cut "Crescent Shaped Depression" while Title Fight slightly softened the blow of "Face Ghost" from Parting the Seas Between Brightness and Me without losing its emotive tension. If you missed out on physically nabbing this one over the weekend, don't fret -- Sea Legs is planning a wider distribution of the split soon. For now, stream the hardcore bromance below...

Touché Amore - "Crescent-Shaped Depression"

Title Fight - "Face Ghost"

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