April 3, 2013

Hear New Sound: Weekend's "Mirror"

Brooklyn-by-way-of-the-Bay-Area post-punk trio Weekend gave us a very early taste of their then-untitled sophomore effort last September with "Sirens," but we now know the title (it's Jinx) and its release date (coming at you on July 23rd through the shoegaze-friendly aficionados at Slumberland Records.) "Mirror" is the latest preview off the LP which -- if you've been keeping notes on their mutating distortion pedals over the past few years -- signals another deviation away from the cranked up psych-gaze that permeated their 2010 debut Sports or the C86-subscribing dream pop that made 2011's Red EP slightly more floatational, and later set "Sirens" drift into motion. Instead, "Mirror" relegates their wavering guitar work to the backdrop and steadies their sound on deeply concentrated blue bass lines and heavy kicks that reconstitutes their whirlwind force around the rhythm section as a means to accentuate frontman Shaun Durkan's desolately icy vocal delivery. Refract Weekend's dark new image under the light with "Mirror" below...

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