April 5, 2013

LIVESound: The National Debut Three New Songs In Berlin

The day that the National formally announced details of their new album Trouble Will Find Me (due out May 21st on 4AD) Godmode Records label runner / Mr. Dream drummer / ex-Pitchfork scribe Nick Sylvester took to Twitter and directed a stream of pretty great discussion points and light-hearted digs toward a current P4k staffer where he pointed out an obvious trend within their always-changing tides of tastemaker journalism, in that a late Aughties buzz band like the National who have consistently been lauded by the site are no longer being serviced the same overdrive anticipation which pursued them leading up to a High Violet a mere three years ago -- All despite not having made any missteps in the press to be demoted within its hype ranks. AwkwardSound can't say it really disagrees with him there, using its own perception of the brooding Brooklyn indie sophisticates as a barometer, including shoulder-shrugging their headlining spot at the first annual Boston Calling festival when in fact six years ago, I bought a ticket to see them at the Middle East in support of Boxer as soon as the clock hit 10! That said, I've no "cool" reputation to uphold to begin with anyhow, so let's get this National love fest on. The quintet returned to the stage last night by playing a surprise show in Berlin at the Michelberger Hotel where they debuted three songs from LP 6: "Fireproof," "Graceless" and "Heavenfaced." Being frankly honest, my jaded perspective of the handsomely dressed gents might be due to the fact that Berninger and company have a weepy melancholic formula they seldom deviate from, and these fresh cuts suggest it will be true of the new listen. But Berninger screams at the end of "Graceless," which I guess I always found enjoyable? This would be lot more exciting if we were discussing the return of their post-hardcore-leaning prodigies the Forms (where did those guys disappear to?)




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