April 4, 2013


Sacred Bones Records has a wicked way of uncovering dark matter before the rest of the world actually knows it exists, and Pharmakon is the NYC label's latest musical mystery begging to be discovered. The brainchild of 22-year-old Margaret Chardiet, the Brooklyn-based artist has become somewhat of an occult personality in the NYC scene over the past five years by captivating audiences with an intense live show as well as running a DIY space in Far Rockaway fit for her terrifyingly hybrid of power noise and electronica shuttered around abrasive screams that have, until now, only been collected on limited run CD-Rs and cassettes. It's a far cry from the clinical accessibility of labelmates such as VÅR or Lust for Youth, but altogether an arresting experience which she extends with an open invite to all audiences to interpret (She recently told Pitchfork, "The music that I make is about connection and making people feel something, so I would hope that people would be able to latch onto those very raw, human aspects, and that it could appeal to their base inner nature... I don't want to appeal only to people who are cool enough to have all the right records to understand the backdrop of where its coming from. If it can reach the uninitiated, it validates the art.") "Crawling On Bruised Knees," the first listen off her forthcoming Sacred Bones debut Abandon, due out on May 14th, is representative of this in a six-and-half-minute-long open-ended exorcism of vulnerability that could embody anything from fear, violence, sexual frustration or isolation hiding within the walls of a bombed out industrial building. There's no right definition in Pharmakon's unsheltered world, and as complex as it renders itself on the surface, the surrender of self within her sound provides the redeeming moment of clarity.

Pharmakon live at Home Sweet Home, NYC

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