April 19, 2013

Song Review: Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"

For musicians who haven’t put out a proper album since 2005, Daft Punk’s stock in the electronic dance music only seems to rise each year that passes without a release or live return, and maybe it’s that sense of casual nonchalance in their popularity that in turn makes "Get Lucky," their first proper single from their hotly anticipated comeback LP Random Access Memories (due out May 21st via Daft Punk Limited / Columbia,) such an effortlessly cool listen. Robot rock sounds like it's taking on an entirely different meaning on this go, as the pair of helmet-clad Parisians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have (mostly) traded in synthesizers to instead showcase their beats with a visible drum kit and bass while a clinically pro assist from legendary disco-era guitarist Nile Rogers and one of the smoothest vocal deliveries of 2013 via Pharrell (whose best days were arguably behind him until "Get Lucky" happened) make for a fashionably impressive display of dance music's optimum offerings from the past, present and imminent future. EDM artists who've mashed their fingers away at laptops since Discovery's late bloom at the end of the Aughties are the biggest losers here seeing that their copy-cat culture banked on Pro Tools bass drops to lead the way hears its death knell in the flicker of an actual rhythm guitar as Daft Punk and friends rekindle a new age disco inferno -- Albeit, too cool to even fan a flame.

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  1. hey man this is an awesome blog and i appreciate your unique viewpoints! this song is hater-proof by the way :)