April 24, 2013

Song Review: Daughn Gibson's "The Sound of Law"

Daughn Gibson is a peculiar fella who has a tendency of combing a devilish gel through real country roots planted within synthetic landscapes, giving him just enough dark, tall and mysteriously busk as much as it does a glowing handsomeness that can easily invite a beautiful woman to the dance floor. Last year's listmaking debut All Hell showcased the breakthrough artist's well-learned education in both the early Nashville scene as much as it did the Magnetic Fields' flamboyance, but "The Sound of Law," the first listen off his sophomore follow-up and Sub Pop debut Me Moan (due out July 9th) is a signal that Gibson is merging both influences down a faster path of travel while inventing country tales of his own tailored for today's blue collar-fashioned listener. A threatening sense of urgency and panic is what fuels "The Sound of Law" right from its very start, as the track fixates around a turbulently sped guitar and hyper snare drum beat that make it easy to picture the baritone crooner caught in a chase scene from something as he barrels down the highway, but it's during the swelling peaks of strings where our anti-hero makes that last-second escape and leaves all his trouble behind. The bad guy-good guy motif is still strong within Gibson's rugged archetype, only on the "The Sound of Law," perhaps those demons tailing him are not trouble-making lovers or criminals, but rather the beasts inside of him. If so, the catharsis makes for a dangerously fun ride.

Daughn Gibson - "The Sound of Law"

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