April 25, 2013

Song Review: Dead Trend's "No Sympathy"

AwkwardSound has gotten acquainted with New England '80s hardcore revivalists Dead Trend fairly quickly over the past weeks, as they've been dropping one or more preview tracks off their upcoming debut LP False Positive (due out May 7th on Cabildo) at a weekly rate. "No Symapthy" is its shortest listen, clocking in at just 59 seconds, yet it manages to pack the most memorable punch out of the bunch so far thanks to perfect storm of lyrical poise, attitude and deviating ever so slightly away from the era's three chord panache by exchanging crushing riffs for a manic sax lock along the way. What also wasn't clear in earlier listens is how true Dead Trend are staying in character to the band drummer / author Michael Fournier imagined them to be in his novel Hidden Wheel. "I don’t care about your new car phone / I don’t care about your new house / I don’t care about your new promotion / I just wanna go see Dead Trend," frontman Jay Grant hacks at his lungs making references that would have been modern three decades ago. Some punk bands merely play Black Flag karaoke, but Dead Trend are fully immersing themselves into the script here on "No Sympthy."

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