April 3, 2013

Song Review: Deerhunter's "Monomania"

"I need punk rock," Bradford Cox admitted in 2011, following that statement the next year with a ballsy on-stage freakout at an Atlas Sound show which he dedicated to "the death of folk music and the birth of punk." We didn't necessarily know where the shape-shifting frontman was going with that back then, but his ominous words are beginning to assemble themselves clearly approaching the release of Deerhunter's forthcoming effort Monomonia, out on May 7th via 4AD. Now a proper actor starring opposite as Jordan Catalano's lover, his avant performance art is transcending the stage and silver screen and into his music, where just last night on Fallon, Cox debuted his new wig-haired, severed persona "Connie Lungpin" while Deerhunter ravaged through the title track off LP 6. As an initial preview, "Monomania" -- like any Cox-related project -- subscribes to no recent consistencies throughout his career, stepping away from Halcyon Digest's dreamy gospel and Parallex's arrest to serenity, defiantly muddying up Deerhunter's production with coarse reverb and an opening blast of guitars breaking through levels in the red. Its soft-strumming mid-section winks back at Deerhunter's gradual comfort with straight-forward guitar rock if only for a few seconds, only to rip its stripped layers all away in a flurry of feedback and aroused obsession as Cox shouts the title repeatedly minutes on end. Accepting that you will never get a linear map of point A to B progress from Deerhunter is to be expected, but in this case, its a head-turning new identity altogether.

Deerhunter - "Monomania"

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