April 10, 2013

Song Review: Jimmy Eat World's "I Will Steal You Back"

The National and Jimmy Eat World are on two entirely different playing fields as far as refined taste goes, but despite the vast seas of contrasting emotiveness separating the two, AS can’t help but notice how both are bridged by a stubborn, stunted style shift throughout latter releases. The arrival of “Demons” off the Brooklyn indie rocker’s new LP earlier this week keeps pace with everything Alligator onward, and now “I Will Steal You Back,” the first listen off Jimmy Eat World’s 8th full-length effort Damage (out on June 11th through new label home RCA), assures fans who came on board during the emo vet's millennial mainstream breakthrough that you can always count on them for an obligatory arena seat-filling modern rock single. It's actually become the pride of Mesa's calling card to deliver on this front with the first pass they send over to the radio: With Bleed American, it was its excellently blistered title track, but then on Futures, they began showing signs of wearing agony with "Pain," Chase This Light sort of lucked out on "Big Casino" and "My Best Theory" was one of the less profound thoughts to make its way onto Invented. Here, "I Will Steal You Back" takes on the familiar Jimmy Eat World single structure of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-guitar-breakdown-chorus-outro over the usual terrain of crunchy pop-punk riffage and frontman Jim Adkins lamenting another sob story about love gone awry that puts him at the center of blame. There's a hint of the band's love for Frightened Rabbit going on in the acoustic power chord jangle, but despite the album being pegged as an "adult breakup record," "I Will Steal You Back" starts Damage off with Jimmy Eat World feeling like the same band I would have wrapped an AIM away message around when I was 18. How you feel about this probably has more to do with your personal connection with their past than anything else.

Jimmy Eat World's "I Will Steal You Back"

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