April 18, 2013

Song Review: Lemuria's "Brilliant Dancer"

Lemuria’s trajectory has been a slowburn of awesome. Their previous work, 2008’s Get Better and 2011’s Pebble are two widely overlooked pop punk gems. The band announced back in December that they’d begun work on their next LP in Baltimore. Last week, they officially announced The Distance Is So Big will be released on June 18th via Bridge Nine Records, and now they’ve shared “Brilliant Dancer” from it. If the song is any indication of things to come, the band will be rocking a little harder than their previous work. More than likely this is due to the assistance of Jawbox’s J. Robbins, the album’s producer. Sheena Ozzella’s vocals have also gained some strength, which used to be one of the weaker points about the band. They haven’t lost any of their signature catchy melodies. Seriously, try getting “This is the last place on earth / That I thought I would find her...” out of your head after your first listen. There’s a drop a little midway into “Brilliant Dancer” that tricks you into thinking the song is over, but it mostly just means the best is yet to come. Here’s hoping the same goes for the album...

Note: AwkwardSound is currently en route to Coachella, and today was a perfect storm of stressful travel full of delays and a lack of computer access on top of a big day for new and important breaking content as well. That said, AS' one-man band operation got some support in new friend Alex Martinez, a writer for Alt Citizen Magazine, who stepped up to write this song review. AS is very appreciative of her help in bringing you this listen sooner rather than later. Be sure to follow Alex and her work in the future!

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