April 8, 2013

Song Review: The National's "Demons"

AwkwardSound gives credit to the National for wearing their brand of brooding twilight indie rock for as long as they have. They found a sound that fit them like an expensive custom suit on 2005’s Alligator, and since then, the Brooklyn quintet have been getting their money’s worth from those same threads on the increasingly acclaimed follow-ups Boxer and High Violet, with the stylistic differences between each being as subtly different than if they were to switch up the shirt and tie combo. Trouble Will Find Me, the National’s sixth helping of brainy orchestral emotive rock (due out May 21st on 4AD) has thus far hinted at more of the same look as evidenced by three recently debuted live cuts, and now its first single “Demons” does little to exorcise those suspicions. Frontman Matt Berninger’s drunken baritone continues to stupor over itself, as does he lyrically in his own self-conflicted misery despite its heavenly softened refrain (“I stay down with my demons…”) as the Dessner twins dazzle up “Demons”’ crestfallen guitar textures with a bit more sparkle ever so slightly during their hundredth lonely late night stroll through the city’s streets and subway systems. It’s predictably familiar, but it’s nice that the National at least were considerate enough to take that old custom suit of theirs to the cleaners, as they sound just as devilishly handsome in it like any classic outfit should.

The National - "Demons"

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