May 23, 2013


If you've been following AwkwardSound over the years, you've probably picked up on how it takes a certain style of cutting edge for those within the rap game to catch this site's attention. Kanye, Drake and A$AP are universally approved inclusions from the big name front who mix huge, fashion-forward production and attitude to change it while Death Grips and Odd Future qualify for the WTF-inducing Internet-friendly picks who appeal to punks and hardcore bros just as much as they do the genre's cool kids. Rising San Jose rhymer Antwon falls somewhere between the two halves, offering a mixed-bag of the best from all worlds that doesn't just stop at his hip-hop connections. Raised on a healthy diet of hardcore thrash with a range in motion that has also seen him work alongside synth-bleeder Pictureplane, witch house originators SALEM and "Fashion Killa" tailor Friendzone on his tracks, Antwon is an eclectic anomaly within the underground rap scene who -- for all the new age-y electronic genre-hopping movements in his beats -- spits from the old school belly of the decades past's rough and tough trailblazers B.I.G. and N.W.A. (without all the gun talk and shit, of course.) Since bubbling his way into social media ubiquity, Antwon has served up a cocked and loaded double shot of intriguing noise-rap mixtapes in 2012's End of Earth (which also got a cassette release on Ormolycka) and more recently, this year's In Dark Denim. Antwon has a few dates lined up in SoCal in the coming week playing with his pal Pictureplane, and he finishes the summer on a high by appearing at this year's always-ahead-of-the-curve FYF Fest. Despite being one of the few hip-hop acts currently on its lineup, Antwon's all-inclusive persona will fit right in there with Touché Amoré and How to Dress Well.

"Still Guarded"
Directed by: Romoface

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